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Shakti Peethas are shrines or divine places of the Mother Goddess . Lord Brahma performed a yajna to please Shakti and Shiva. Goddess Shakti emerged, separating from Shiva and helped Brahma in the creation of the universe. Brahma decided to give Shakti back to Shiva. Therefore his son Daksha performed several yajnas to obtain Shakti as his daughter in the form of Sati. Daksha, unhappy with his daughter Sati’s marriage to Lord Shiva, refused to invite Shiva to the yagna he was performing. Relenting to Sati who wanted to visit her father, Shiva allowed his wife to go the yagna. There, Daksha insulted Shiva. Unable to bear her father’s disrespect towards her husband, Sati immolated herself. Shiva, in his wrathful form of Veerabhadra, destroyed the yagna and killed Daksha. (India Temple Net)

Then Shiva came, picked up the half burnt body of Sati and his grief was simply beyond words. He put her upon his shoulder and walked. He walked in great fury and grief. He would not keep the body down nor would he let the flames consume her body or give her a burial. He just walked on. As he walked on, Sati’s body began to rot and as it rotted, it became many parts and fell down in 54 different places. These 54 places came up as Shakti Sthalas in India. As every part of her body fell, one quality of the Shakti was established there. These are the main Devi temples in India. (Sadhguru)