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Evolution on Fast Forward
Evolution can only be conscious once you have become human. Once it is conscious, why would you choose to evolve – you would rather choose to mutate. Evolution, as the word implies, is a slow process, as opposed to revolution, which is a sudden change. So, to use a more biological term, you want to mutate. If you want to know liberation in this lifetime, you definitely need to mutate because evolution is a long process.

When you sit in a certain space or in the presence of a certain energy that seems to be a bigger possibility than what you are, that is the time to simply sit. That is not the time to ask for something. If you simply sit, you will get the necessary nutrient to evolve very fast, to mutate from one dimension to another. Once you grow into a certain possibility, everything that is possible in that dimension will anyway happen to you. Meditatinggoing to the temple or sitting with a guru is not a time to ask, it is a time to imbibe and allow yourself to move into a higher possibility. (Sadhguru)


“Sannidhi means presence. A Sannidhi establishes an energy presence that naturally takes you to the realm of devotion, where something far bigger than you becomes an experiential reality for you.” ― Sadhguru

About the Website
A presence – the necessary energy situation or space can be created by either of following ways;

  • Powerful consecrated spaces
  • Energy situations created during initiations or Darshans by a live Guru
  • Presence created by Guru
  • Space where elevated beings were in Samadhi (Meditative state) or deep Sadhana for extended period of time
  • Remains, relics, and Samadhi (Grave or Tomb) of Realized beings
  • Naturally geographically consecrated space

Primary Objective
The primary objective of this website is to spread the information about live energy spaces that are conducive for spiritual growth and even accelerated growth. People can make use of these spaces by simply sitting in these spaces. This website is the result of research, sadhana, and yatra to these energy spaces. These spaces has been categorized based on first hand experience of a sadhaka representing, Sadhguru, or community of sadhakas.

Next primary objective is to ensure that people know about, visit, and make use of these spaces so that these spaces become popular and kept alive for upcoming generations.

Verified by labelled spaces (Red)
These spaces has been verified by sadhaka representing as live energy spaces. The intensity and nature can be different for different energy spaces. The ways to access them can also be different based on type of energy spaces.

Verified by Sadhguru labelled spaces (Yellow)
These spaces has been verified by Sadhguru as live energy spaces. These places has not been visited or verified by sadhaka representing Once visited and verified, they will be changed into red labels.

Verified by Community labelled spaces (Blue)
These spaces has been verified by community members as live energy spaces. Community members are verified members recognized to identify these places. These places has not been visited or verified by sadhaka representing . Once visited and verified, they will be changed into red labels.

Spaces without any labels
Some spaces might be very popular however they might be missing from the list or does not have verified label owing to either of following reasons

  • They may have been alive in the past but have lost their energies. Based on type of consecration, these spaces may require reconsecration, spaces requires maintenance and reenergize processes
  • May not be energy space from the beginning itself
  • Neither the sadhaka representing, Sadhguru, nor the community sadhakas have visited or verified these places

How to be available and make use of these spaces?

  • Everyone has different level of sensitivities and receptivities to these energy spaces. Whether you are highly sensitive or not, sitting in these spaces will have positive influence in your system
  • The receptivity and sensitivity can be improved through sadhana and spiritual practices initiated by a Guru
  • If you are not initiated, you can start with free guided meditation ‘Isha Kriya’ by Sadhguru.
  • If you want to get initiated into powerful process, you can start with Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, 21 minutes ancient yogic practice initiated by Sadhguru. The initiation is conducted as a part of Inner Engineering program.
  • Once you are initiated into Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, you can explore advanced programs offered by Isha. These advanced programs will help you enhance your receptivity and sensitivity to these energy spaces and energy situations

Continually Updated
This website is continually updated so please watch out for new spaces.

The maximum care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, third party images and information has been included while preparing the content. The third party images and information belong to the respective sources provided along with the content.