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Gorakhnath Gorakkar

Gorakhnath, also called Gorakshanatha, (flourished 11th century?, India), Hindu master yogi who is commonly regarded as the founder of the Kanphata yogis, an order of ascetics that stresses the physical and spiritual disciplines of Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is a school of Indian philosophy that uses mastery of the body as the means to spiritual perfection.

The details of his life are obscured by the numerous legends that have grown up around his alleged miraculous powers. Gorakhnath either was born in the Punjab or spent a good part of his lifetime there, traveling widely. He was said to have met with such other religious teachers as Kabir, an Indian mystic and poet, and Nanak, the first Guru and founder of Sikhism; in fact, however, it is chronologically impossible for him to have met the latter. He was also thought to have popularized the practice of Yoga throughout India. Although Gorakhnath is traditionally regarded as the disciple of Matsyendranatha—understood by Natha yogis as the first human guru in their teaching succession—Matsyendranatha probably preceded Gorakhnath by at least three centuries. Nevertheless, the reported connection between the two points to an important transition that Gorakhnath instituted in the esoteric rituals and techniques of tantric practice, diverting its erotic, mystical heritage in the direction of austere Hatha Yoga, even while tantra somewhat eroticized Hatha Yoga. Tantric worship involving the use of sexual fluids is taught in several Sanskrit works attributed to Gorakhnath under the title Gorakh Samhita (“Collections of Gorakh” [13th century?]), alongside alchemy and Hatha Yoga. Vernacular poetry attributed to Gorakhnath, anthologized under the title Gorakh Bani (“Gorakh’s Utterances”), emphasizes Hatha Yoga.

Gorakkar Siddhar

Korakkar Siddhar is one among the 18 Siddhas and in another school of thought it is believed, he belongs to the elite navanaatha Siddhas. I.e… nine great Siddhas. Sri Bogar in his biography about 18 Siddha’s says that he belongs to the sage Vashista lineage. Korakkar Siddha became a great Siddha having attained supernatural powers by his intense austerities. Korakkar learnt Siddha medicine system from Siddha Machamuni. He was also well versed in poetry, alchemy, Siddha medicine, yoga and philosophies. He also worked with Sri Bogar Siddhar to create Chidambaram secret. He also got the knowledge of Siddha medicine from sage Agathiyar. He is known among the people for using ganja (Indian hemp) (marijuana) as a rejuvenation medicine to increase his longevity and that herb is named after him. His major contributions are “Avadhuta Gita” and 13 works, order of ascetics, medicine, alchemy, Hatha Yoga, Pradipika classic. Korakkar brahma gnanam 1 – Korakkar kalai gnanam 500(endangered) – Korakkar vaippu (endangered) – Korakkar brahma gnana soothiram – Korakkar karpa soothiram. Korakkar’s medicine for  cataract for eye and other ailments are valuable. Only few of his works are extant. He lived in Sathuragiri hills for some time and compiled his works of Chandra regai, which has predictions for India.